Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Course descriptions:

MAE 142 Dynamics and Control of Aerospace Vehicles

MAE 143A Signals and Systems

MAE 143B Linear Control

MAE 144 Embedded Control and Robotics

MAE 145 Introduction to Robotic Planning and Estimation

MAE 146 Intro to ML algorithms

MAE 148 Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles

MAE 149 Sensor Networks

MAE 204 Robotics

MAE 207 Model Reduction

MAE 207 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

MAE 227 Convex Optimization for Engineers

MAE 242 Robot Motion Planning

MAE 244 Advanced Power Systems

MAE 247 Cooperative Control of Multi-agent Systems

MAE 280A Linear Systems Theory

MAE 280B Linear Control Design

MAE 281A Nonlinear Systems

MAE 281B Nonlinear Control

MAE 283A Parametric Identification: Theory and Methods

MAE 283B Approximate Identification and Control

MAE 284 Robust and Multivariable Control

MAE 286 Hybrid Systems

MAE 287 Control of Distributed Parameter Systems

MAE 288A Optimal Control

MAE 288B Optimal Estimation

MAE 289A Mathematical Analysis for Applications

MAE 289B Real Analysis for Applications

MAE 289C Functional Analysis and Applications

MAE 293 Flow Control